What are some self-care practices you use for stress?

With the holidays approaching and the recent presidential election, what are some ways that you relax to help with stress? Do you practice yoga? Do you meditate? Do you exercise?

Please share what methods you use to help combat stress?

I’ve been trying relaxation techniques and mindful but usually I read when stressed if I can concentrate.


Epsom salt baths, a meditation through an app like “Insight Timer”, a walk in nature, reading a frivolous novel, writing a blog post or creating a meme for social media

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Reading, writing, and believe it or not cooking! I like to throw things together when John’s at work and I’m finished watching all the shows I’ve PVRed through the week. I never used to like cooking, but now when I have the kitchen all to myself I actually kinda like it!

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Reading is a great way to unwind and relax at times. Do you have any book recommendations?


I enjoy epsom salt baths as well. Over the last year, I have really enjoyed bath bombs. I also enjoy laying outside on the grass and just listening to nature. Thank you for sharing!


Cooking also a great way to relax. Have you tried any new recipes lately?

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Oh yes - the concept of “grounding” - excellent.

I heard recently, if you hug a tree when it’s raining, and put your er up to it, you can hear it sing!

Getting outside as much as I can. I am a high school Biology teacher. I even try to plan as many activities outside as I can (while it’s still warm enough). It’s amazing how all of our moods increase. It makes teaching during a pandemic a bit brighter.

  1. a little exercise, 2) read the Bible, 3) help someone have a nicer day.
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I try to keep a positive outlook by:

  • avoiding negative news (TV, online, radio).
  • reading (books, online articles, following links, and browsing subjects on a whim)
  • keeping active (not only my home-office regular job but my hobbies.
  • mark weekends as different to work-days (otherwise "every day is like Sunday) by changing my routines.
  • taking online courses (learning keeps your mind busy with positive stuff).
  • count my blessings (loving family, health, work,)

I recently found out my dogs like to watch YouTube videos of other animals, so I play a couple of videos for them and watch my pups reaction.

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I love Insight Timer! There are also some great hypnosis or guided meditations available on YouTube. A couple I recommend are ‘Hypnosis by Rob’ and the guided meditations by John Stevenson. They have them for everything imaginable; pain, stress, etc.

the Best is that to remember the good thing that Allah has give it to you

Yes, the outdoors is a beautiful thing!

I enjoy listening to Positive Affirmations on YouTube as well. Meditation, for me, really clears my head and helps me focus.

Puppy Love! Gotta love watching the pups play and enjoy.


These are all great ways to navigate stress! Keeping active, meditating, focusing on positive circumstances, and reminding myself of the bigger pictures helps me.